2021 Board Election Results

May 5, 2021 | Elections, News & Updates

The LRCA welcomes each winner to the Board effective October, 2021-June, 2023. The organization looks forward to all the great things that each elected official will bring to the Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association.

Final election results for each race is posted below.


For President
Barbara Rogers
120 votes (winner)

Rodney Foxworth
43 votes

For First Vice President
LaRoya Huff
131 votes (winner)

Tanya Slade (write-in)
1 vote

For Second Vice President
Sierra Dickerson
133 votes (winner)

For Treasurer
Tanya Slade (write-in; winner)*
8 votes

*subject to write-in candidate’s acceptance of appointment.

Karen Dickerson (write-in)
4 votes

For Financial Secretary
Tischa Cockrell (write-in; winner)*
2 votes

*subject to write-in candidate’s acceptance of appointment.

Corresponding Secretary
Mateen Rabihah (winner)
125 votes

For Trustee
Danielle Lewis-Wright (winner)
124 votes

Heather Rodgers (winner)
119 votes

Sharolyn Mack (winner)
96 votes

David Kosub (winner)
86 votes

Paquita Wiggins (winner)
82 votes

Patrice Richardson (winner)
80 votes

James Gaston (winner)
76 votes

Reverend Paul Smith (winner)
74 votes

Edgar Allen Sheppard (winner)
73 votes

Johnnie Mays (winner)
73 votes

Theodore Ngatchou
71 votes

Audrey Walker (write-in)
3 votes

Frank Wiler (write-in)
1 vote

Rodney Foxworthy (write-in)
1 vote

Again, we welcome all new and returning Board members! Many congratulations to each one of you!