Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association (LRCA)

2021-2022 Board Officers

Barbara Rogers

President, LRCA

LaRoya Huff

First Vice President

Chair, City Services/Public Safety Committee



Contact LaRoya with questions, or to join her committee, email her at:

Angelyn Boose

Second Vice President
Chair, Communication (Print/Digital/Online) & Membership

Newsletter Editor

 See information below for committee details and Angelyn’s contact information.

Audrey Walker


Chair, Youth Development & Recreation Committee


Contact Audrey with questions, or to join her committee, email her at:

Tischa Cockrell

Financial Secretary
Chair, Bylaws Committee


Contact Tischa with questions, or to join her committee, email her at:


Recording Secretary
Chair, Scholarship Committee


Vandalia Joyner-Taylor

Corresponding Secretary


Contact Ms. Van with questions, email her at:

Barbara Carter



Contact Barbara with questions, email her at:

2021-2022 Trustees

Angelyn Boose

2nd Vice President
Direct/Digital/Online Communication Committee Chair
Membership Committee Chair

Email, websites, social media, digital content design, videos and streaming, data and meeting management, and a few cool gadgets and software tools to boot! If you got excited after reading the first sentence, then you might be someone that the Communication Team is looking for!  Angelyn, the Chair of this fun-loving team is dedicated to making sure that digital content is properly diseminated to Lamond-Riggs residents.

If you are a self-proclaimed web ‘nerd’ like Angelyn; desire to be the next great reporter; have awesome social media skills and/or want to learn more; are a budding or skilled writer; OR you just simply love all things video and technology, then get in touch with Angelyn by email by clicking on the button below. She’d love to welcome you to her team!

(estimated commitment per month: dependent upon team role and/or event assignment; team meetings scheduled when needed with a heavy emphasis on email communications)

Interested in the Membership Committee instead?

The Membership Committee’s focus is on building connections and growing LRCA. We aim to do so by engaging existing members while reaching out to longtime and new residents who aren’t involved yet.

If you are a long-time and existing Lamond-Riggs resident interested in reaching out to new residents as they move into the area; connecting with long-time residents who are part of the LRCA; planning 1 to 2 membership/neighborhood events per program year; and increasing membership, get in touch with Angelyn by clicking on the button to get involved. She’d love to welcome you to her team!

(Estimated commitment per month: 2 to 4 hours, depending on role and activities in a given month).

Danielle Lewis-Wright

Health & Wellness Committee Chair

If you are interested in whole-body health through education, activity, and engagement of the Lamond-Riggs community, then this is the group for you! All are welcome to participate in this committee and we will have an LRCA Health community walking group.

If you are one who is excited about health and wellness and willing to bring innovative ideas and work to promote health education and activities within our community, then get in touch with Danielle by email by clicking on the button below. She’s excited for you to join!

(estimated commitment per month: 2 to 3 hours a month. Also, we would like for the members to participate in the walking group. Meetings to be held every second Wednesday of the month.)

Reverend Paul Smith


Bereavement Committee Chair

Losing a love one can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person and/or family will go through. The focus of the Bereavement Committee is to remind the bereaved family that the thoughts and prayers of the community are with them during their grieving season. Upon timely notification, the Bereavement Committee will be responsible for acknowledging the loss of a LRCA resident by one or more of the following expressions: sending a condolence card; sending a letter on LRCA letterhead; home visitation (tentative due to COVID restrictions); attending viewings; and attending and or participating at services (at the family’s request by offering remarks, etc.).

If you are interested in serving on this community, reach out to Reverend Paul by clicking on the button. He looks forward to hearing from you!

(Note: this is not a pastoral care ministry.)

Heather Rodgers

Nominating Committee Chair/Trustee

Questions? Email Heather at:

David Trigaux


Newsletter Distribution Committee Chair

How does the LRCA retain strong written communications in the Lamond-Riggs community?

It is through the efforts of our Newsletter Committee Chair, David Trigaux. 

If you are interested in helping to distribute the final printed newsletter to the community reach out to David by clicking on the button. He looks forward to hearing from you!

Sharolyn Mack


Youth Development & Recreation Committee Chair


Reverend Johnnie Mays

Senior Committee Chair

Edgar Allen Sheppard

Senior Committee Co-Chair

Patrice Richardson


Budget & Audit Committee