Neighborhood Development

Lamond-Riggs Development Task Force

The Lamond-Riggs Development Task Force (LRDTF) is a committee under the LRCA.  Formally established in 2006, it is responsible for representing the interests of community residents with regard to economic development within the area. This work includes reviewing development projects and working with residents, elected officials, and developers to ensure projects consider issues such as density, traffic, public safety, affordability, community benefits and employment opportunity.

See the 2019 Fort Totten/Riggs Park Neighborhood Profile Sheet

For information on the Neighborhood Vibrant Retail Streets study, follow this link .

For information on the South Dakota Avenue & Riggs Road Main Street Program, follow this link. 
Lamond-Riggs Library Rebuilding Project

The Lamond-Riggs Neighborhood Library will be rebuilt at its current location, 5401 South Dakota Avenue NE. The project website is

The DC Public Library has selected  Consigli  and  HGA  as the design/build team for the new Lamond-Riggs Library. The planning for the new library will begin in October. The design process will take 12 months. Once the design is complete, the current building will be closed and an interim location will provide library service during construction. The new building will open in late 2020.

January 17, 2019: Community meeting to (1) Hear about the results of community input to date & (2) Review the draft Library Building Program about meet the design team. 7:00 pm at Lamond-Riggs Library

October 23, 2018: Community meeting to meet the design team. 7:00 pm at Lamond-Riggs Library

Be sure to visit the project page for up-to-date information about the project and community meetings.

Key Dates--
Fall 2017:Due diligence
Winter 2017-18:  RFP for design/build contract
Spring 2018:  Design/build selection
Summer 2018: Design kick-off
Fall 2019: Close for construction
Fall 2019: Interim library opens
2021: New library opens

Click here for audio of the opening community engagement meeting held on October 5, 2017. Opening community meeting presentation is available here .

Projects in the Pipeline

Fort Totten South (proposed)

  • Location: South Dakota Avenue & Riggs Road NE
  • Developers: JBG Smith & EYA
  • Description: 160 townhomes (of which 29 will be below market-rate) and 20,000-23,000 square feet of ground floor retail

See EYA BZA Application (pdf) and Architectural Plans (pdf)


The developers have negotiated a purchase of DC-owned land to complete this development. A surplus disposition hearing was held and the sale was approved by the DC Council in 2017 (see PR21-904 & PR21-905 ).  Legislation is pending with the Council at the request of the mayor to complete the technical requirements to effect the closure of the slip lanes on South Dakota Avenue & Riggs Road NE that occurred when the intersection was reconfigured in 2011. 

The LRCA and EYA have a community benefits package agreement in principle in connection with the sale of the DC-owned parcel. In addition to holding a public meeting, LRCA sponsored a survey to solicit resident input on the community benefits package. Potential benefits include more affordable unit set-asides; workforce development support; small business development support; scholarships for neighborhood youth; public space improvements; creation/maintenance of green space; community development fund for neighborhood rec center, library, and schools; and public safety measures. To see the survey results, click here: Final LRCA Fort Totten South Community Benefits Survey Results  (pdf)

To view the most up-to-date overview of the community benefits, explanation of the community benefits process, and draft agreement, please click here: Overview of LRCA-EYA Community Benefits Agreement Process and Terms  

1. Workforce Development of local residents, including education, training, or certifications ($20,000)

2. Small Business Development for capacity building services ($15,000)

3. Educational Development: college scholarships for local students ($50,000)

4. Public Space Improvements to a local open space, the streetscape, signage and branding; temporary and/or evolving activation of a nearby public open space; and seed funding for a Business Improvement District (BID), Green Team, Main Street, etc. ($200,000)

5. Community Development: new equipment, services, or other facility upgrades at public and private-sector entities; services or equipment to enhance security and minimize vandalism near the Project; and certain LRCA administrative expenses. ($40,000)
(a) LaSalle-Backus music & technology programs: $17,000
(b) DC Rape Crisis Center to expand clinical services for survivors: $5,000
(c) UDC Bertie Backus Urban Food Hub upgrades: $5,000
(d) Riggs-LaSalle Rec supplies: $2,800
(e) Coolidge Alumni Association mentorship program: $2,700
(f) Lamond-Riggs Library Friends programming: $1,500
(g) LRCA two-year expenses for newsletter printing and website maintenance: $6,000


  • Location: South Dakota Avenue between Galloway and Kennedy Street NE
  • Developer: Cafritz Foundation
  • Description: Multi-phase planned unit development (PUD) replacing the former Riggs Plaza Apartments (also owned by the Cafritz Foundation).  

1st phase (Building A):
  • Broke ground in spring 2014; delivered in fall 2017.  
  • 6-story building with 520 apartments (the Modern at Art Place ) atop approximately 107,000 square feet of ground floor retail,
  • 4-story above-grade parking garage (337 spaces for retail/service and 264 spaces for residential use).  
  • 141 apartments will be set aside for affordable and senior affordable housing, including units for displaced Riggs Plaza Apartment tenants.
  • Leased tenants: T-Mobile; Shining Stars Pediatric Dentist; Ramdass Pharmacy; 24 Hour Fitness (expected late 2019/early 2020)
  • Other expected uses: Daycare center; office space for ANC 5A; eateries

The project permanently closed Hamilton Street between South Dakota Avenue and 4th Street NE, with a new through street constructed on Ingraham Street at South Dakota Avenue. Future phases are expected to bring a children’s museum and additional retail and housing. Documents related to this PUD are available on DC's Office of Zoning's website (case number 06-10).

2nd phase (Block B): Plans filed with Zoning Commission September 4, 2018 (case number 06-10D)
Boundaries: North - Kennedy Street NE; South - Ingraham Street NE; East - South Dakota Avenue NE; West - Public alley west of 4th Street NE

Please fill out LRCA's Community Survey on Block B here .

* View application here:  Applicant September 2018 Supporting Statement (pdf);
* September 2018 Full book available here; Reference copy also available at reference desk at Lamond-Riggs Library

  • Family Entertainment Zone (FEZ): artist collective, children and adult programming
  • Food Hall
  • 30 ground floor artist studios in Jan. 2019 prehearing submission
  • 270 apartments with subsidized artist housing throughout - mix of studios (20%); 1 bedrooms (40%); and 2 bedrooms (40%)
  • Explore! Children's Museum
  • Ground floor artist studios similar to Brookland Arts Walk
  • Other cultural uses
  • 24,500 square foot Aldi grocery store
  • 35,000 square feet additional ground floor retail
  • Grocery store
  • 4th Street closed to provide shared vehicular/pedestrian walkway
  • Green roofs
  • Plazas and dog park

Proposed phasing plan
  • 1st quarter 2020: Begin construction on Block B, expected to take 30 months
  • 3rd quarter 2022: Block B construction completed
  • December 31, 2024: Applicant will file PUD application for either Block C or Block D
  • December 31, 2030: Applicant will file PUD application for final block

On December 11, 2018, the developer announced that Meow Wolf will operate part of the family entertainment zone. The developer expects to announce the grocery store before the end of the year. On February 4, 2019, the developer announced that Aldi has signed a lease for a 24,500 square foot grocery store.

On March 19, 2019, LRCA filed for party status in support of the Applicant. LRCA testified in support of the project at the public hearing on April 4, 2019. 

Retail Survey & Community Workshops
The Cafritz Foundation, developers of the neighboring Art Place at Ft. Totten development located at South Dakota Avenue and Galloway Street NE, have retained Biederman Redevelopment Ventures (BRV) to develop an online survey and lead a series of community workshops regarding retail and public space programming for the next phase of the Art Place at Ft. Totten development.
BRV is seeking ideas for the types of retail uses residents of the nearby neighborhoods would like to see in the current and future phases, as well as ideas for various uses for the open spaces in the project. You can see many of the successful projects that BRV has completed around the country on their website, such as Bryant Park:
The online survey will "go live" on or about the week of May 14, 2018 and will be open for one week. The community workshop sessions will be held onsite at Art Place during the last week in May. Details will be posted on our website so check back for details after May 7, 2018. In the meantime, if you would like to sign up to participate in the online survey or community workshops, please email [email protected]


When completed, the Metropolitan Branch Trail will be an 8-mile off-road trail running from Union Station to Silver Spring, MD. Design and construction for the Brookland to Fort Totten and Fort Totten to Takoma phases will take place in 2018 and 2019, respectively. 

For information on the Brookland to Fort Totten extension, visit the project website at . Expected start date is June 2018; expected completion date is December 2019. See the Brookland to Fort Totten extension background document here.

For info on the Fort Totten to Takoma phase, see DDOT's June 2017 presentation to ANC 4B  (pdf).

The groundbreaking for the Brookland to Fort Totten extension took on July 28, 2018, at 10:00 am at 1st Place and Gallatin Street NE.


Map Amendment 5642, 5648, & 5650 3rd Street NE (Square 371, Lots 848, 849, & 199)
Zoning Case No. 18-11

Fact Sheet (pdf) created by LRDTF

Applicant (Riggs Road LLC & Avissar Riggs Road LLC) filed application with Zoning Commission on July 11, 2018,  to rezone property from PDR-1 (light industrial) to MU-4 (mixed-use). Future Land Use Map designates property as moderate density commercial and moderate density residential. Riggs Road & South Dakota Avenue NE Area Development Plan also identifies site as moderate mixed-use development opportunity site. The applicant states it has not identified a specific use for the property yet.

A public hearing was held on February 7, 2019. LRCA provided for the record a conditional letter in support of the map amendment because it is consistent with the neighborhood's area development plan. On February 14, 2019, the Applicant submitted a draft order for approval. 

Fort Totten Metro/Donatelli  - This project has been cancelled

  • Location: First Place & Galloway Street NE (Fort Totten metro long-term parking lot)
  • Developer: Donatelli
  • Description: Proposed Mixed-use development with 345 rental apartments; 10,000 square feet ground floor retail; parking garage

In 2015, Metro awarded Donatelli development rights to develop the long-term park-and-ride parking lot at Fort Totten metro station. Construction expected to begin in 2018. 


5600 2nd Street NE (Self-storage facility)

Johnson Development is building a four-story self-storage facility at 5600 Second Street NE. Because the project is over 50,000 square feet, it went through the Large Tract Review process. The property is located in a Production/Repair/Distribution zone (formerly known as industrial zone). The developer notes that the property is designated by the Future Land USe Map as a mixed use space (moderate density commerical and residential). And the Riggs Road/South Dakota Avenue Small Area Plan designates the property as a development opportunity site for mixed use development. The developer's large tract review application is available at

The storage facility will be operated by CubeSmart. 


Fort Totten Square

Location: Riggs Road NE between 3rd Street & Chillum Place NE
Developers: JBG Companies & Lowe Enterprises
Description: Mixed used development anchored by approximately 117,000 square foot Walmart; approx. 350 one & two bedroom rental apartments
Ancillary Retail: Subway; Five Guys; Petco (closed July 2018); Culture Coffee Too  
On November 5, 2015, the developers filed an application and statement in support with the Board of Zoning Adjustment  (BZA) for a special exception for three fast food restaurants at Fort Totten Square on behalf of Subway, Five Guys, and a to be determined future restaurant. Fast food restaurants are permitted in the C-2-A zone district only by special exception. The definition of fast food restaurant in the zoning code encompasses the typical fast food restaurant as well as what has been termed "fast casual" restaurants.  The purpose of the special exception process is to ensure that a use pre-deemed compatible within a certain zoning district may be reviewed by the BZA to ensure certain negative impacts will not occur.

ANC 4B filed a report supporting the application with conditions: (1) The developers agree to sponsor a neighborhood retail and amenities needs survey. (2) The developers and their brokers agree to engage in regular, meaningful collaboration with community stakeholders to ensure the small area plan is effectively implemented. (3) The developers will make their best effort to secure a quality sit-down restaurant. A public hearing was held on Feburary 23, 2016. By order dated February 25, 2016, the BZA granted the requested relief. The Board declined to adopt the conditions requested by ANC 4B because they are outside the Board's jurisdiction. Documents related to this application are available on DC's Office of Zoning website (case number 17600B).

The Hampshires
Location: New Hampshire Avenue NE
Developer: Comstock Companies
Description: Newly constructed detached and townhome single family home subdivision


Planning Documents

Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue NE Small Area Plan
This Area Development Plan was initiated by the LRCA, completed by DC’s Office of Planning in 2008, and adopted by the council in 2009.  The plan focused on a study area of about a quarter mile radius around the intersection of Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue and a secondary study area of a half mile radius of the intersection.  The plan’s guiding principles:
  • Establish a dynamic neighborhood center at Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue that enhances community character and reactivates the street.
  • Attract development that serves all generations.
  • Connect, activate, and create new open spaces.
  • Promote safe access and circulation throughout the neighborhood.

To view the executive summary of the plan, click here: Executive Summary (pdf)
To read the full plan, click here: Riggs Road/South Dakota Avenue NE Area Development Plan (pdf)
To view the most recent implementation plan, click here: 2015 Implementation Plan (pdf)
First Place and Galloway Street NE Transportation Access Plan and Improvement Study   (pdf)
DDOT conducted a study to improve pedestrian access and transportation around Fort Totten metro station.  The study focused on station access; streetscape and urban design; access management; wayfinding; traffic calming; transit efficiency; bicycle parking; connections to existing and planned regional trail network; and traffic and congestion around the reconfigured South Dakota Avenue/Riggs Road intersection.  Key issues raised were formalizing the shortcut between Gallatin Street and Galloway Street NE and improving perceptions of safety, for example by providing lighting under the railroad bridges.

Fort Totten Access and Joint Development Study (pdf)

​2010 study commissioned by WMATA to identify station access improvements and joint development opportunities
Fort Totten Metro Station: Maximizing Potential for Transit-Oriented Development (pdf)
2009 Technical Assistance Report sponsored by WMATA
Comprehensive Plan Area Elements Ward 5 (pdf)
The Upper Northeast Area Element of the Comprehensive Plan (2006) addresses planning policies and priorities for Fort Totten metro station and surrounding areas. This document is useful in the review process for development projects, both for planned unit developments (PUD) and for matter-of-right projects that have to go through large tract review, because reviewing officials have to evaluate the projects to make sure they are not inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan. 
Ward 5 Industrial Land Transformation Study
The Ward 5 Industrial Land Transformation Task Force was established in 2013 to create a plan to “stimulate and and promoted the modernization and adaptive use of parcels of Ward 5’s industrial land.”  The task force developed seven goals for the study

Eastern Avenue NE Rehabilitation Project

DDOT has presented preliminary plans for the rehabilitaiton of Eastern Avenue NE between New Hampshire Avenue NE and Whittier Street NW. See  DDOT Eastern Avenue NE Rehabiliation Plan (pdf)