Become a Member/Make a Donation

The LRCA relies on the efforts of volunteers. Consider becoming an active member by making a membership donation and joining a committee to help support the operation of the LRCA. Your membership and additional monetary donations support scholarships for neighborhood students and neighborhood events.
Membership in the LRCA is open to anyone over 18 years old residing within the boundaries of the LRCA.
Corporate membership is open to any active business, religious entity, non-profit, or other organization within the boundaries of the LRCA.
Easily and securely pay your membership online by clicking the appropriate button below.  Major credit cards acccepted.

Membership payments support a portion of LRCA's activities. To make an additional contribution to support the LRCA, please click the donation button below.
If you wish to pay by check, print out the Membership Form  and submit the form along with payment at an LRCA General Body meeting or mail the form with payment to: Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association, PO Box 60272, Washington, D.C. 20039.

The LRCA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Your membership payment is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
LRCA's boundaries
North: Underwood Place NE/NW
South: Galloway Street NE
East: Eastern Avenue NE
West: Metro tracks

Join a Committee

The LRCA is always looking for volunteers. Consider joining one or more committees.
  • Youth Development/Recreation – Further the development and maintenance of the recreational facilities, after school programs, youth leagues, etc.
  • Education – Promote and improve the education facilities in the area, including schools, libraries, etc.
  • Environmental - Promote neighborhood clean-ups, tree plantings, and use of city sustainability programs

  • City Services/Public Safety - Work to promote maintenance and improvement of city services as well as a crime-free community in partnership with public safety officials, residents, schools, recreation centers, business, and religious institutions
  • Membership – Solicit & collect member dues, maintain list of paid members, and plan activities to generate interest & membership in the Association
  • Budget/Auditing Committee – Obtain financial records of the LRCA, conduct audit, and submit report to leadership of the Association
  • Nominating Committee – Nominate a slate of candidates for officers of the LRCA
  • Seniors/Community Economic Development – Further development, knowledge, and use of services targeted for seniors; further development of high standard of living for residents and participate in community planning
  • Newsletter – Provide a quality newsletter & help distribute the newsletter 
  • Communication – Responsible for engagement and outreach to residents through social media, creation/maintenance of LRCA website, and other forms of communication
  • Scholarship 
  • LRCA Development Task Force – Review development projects and work with residents, elected officials, and developers to ensure projects consider issues such as density, traffic, public safety, affordability, local job growth, etc.